GPS Tracker Malaysia

TrackSYNQ and trackSYNQ PLUS are products of Quantum Inventions (QI) dedicated to GPS car tracker Singapore. QI’s logistics solutions can be used by small to large businesses to improve vehicle performance, save fuel, support drivers and increase overall fleet efficiency. Our products assist drivers in more than 60 countries, giving them the industry’s strongest local support network and widest range of sector-specific third party applications and integrations.

Besides Singapore, we are also one of the top company in car GPS tracker Malaysia.

below is the fee for GPS tracker service

* FUEL MONITORING / MANAGEMENT divides into 2 type and 2 billing packages:

A. FUEL ROD – additional RM400 for hardware include installation
B. CANBUS – additional RM560 for hardware include installation, extra RM280 on hardware for non-wiring cut integration

1. FUEL ROD: RM20/mth on top of RM60/mth
2. CANBUS: RM30/mth on top of RM60/mth

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